For Single Men Over 50 — What Single Women Over 50 Want

dating over 50

Single men over 50 who are still out there searching for that special someone often wonder what they could be doing differently, in order to increase their success rate. Single women over 50 who are still in the market for a mate often wonder if men will ever grow up, as they encounter the same issues that they have for their entire lives.

Dating at 50 is not any easier than dating at 30, or 20, for that matter. The same problems tend to crop up regardless of age group, whether it’s lack of commitment, lack of viable options, or the always dreaded “game playing”.

So what does a woman over 50 truly want? She does not want to have to guess your intentions, she does not wish to “hang out and see where it goes” and she does not want to be led on. At this stage in her life, what she wants is stability and consistency, a person who is the same at 8 PM as they are at 8 AM.

Age is nothing except for a number and it does not mean that a person is any more mature than they were when they were younger. By the time a person reaches 50, they have far less time to waste and to spend any of it with an immature soul who still does not know what they truly want out of life is not in the cards.

Single women over 50 want someone that they can come home to after a long day, someone who will take vacations with them and most importantly, someone who has the potential to become their best friend. This is the most crucial factor in choosing a mate and a level headed woman over the age of 50 is typically not going to be swayed by looks and money as much as a younger woman would.

For single men over 50, it is pivotal to bear in mind that a woman of the same age is established, that she will not be looking for you to save her or provide with her children and a home. At this point, true companionship is the goal, not the best looking man with the largest billfold. Unless a man can potentially be her rock, the person she talks to about anything and everything, most single women over 50 will not waste their time.

When it comes to dating at 50, it does not have to be as difficult as you previously imagined. At, we provide a road map to happiness and allow you to choose from a number of eligible bachelors who are well within your age group and who meet your various criteria.

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