Top 5 cities for 50 plus singles to travel

over 50s singles

The biggest advantage being a person in your 50s is that you have a lot of spare that can be effectively be utilized on productive things, travel being one among those. If you happen to be a 50 plus single and are planning a solo trip in order to find someone interesting, we have listed a few good places that you could consider visiting. Nevertheless, we advise you to go through travel plans and determine the anticipated cost of trip before packing your bags.

Niagara Falls: Situated on the border between the United States of America and Canada, the resort is famous worldwide just for one amazing thing – the Niagara falls, which happens to be one of the most exotic travel destinations in the world. Millions of people from across the globe visit this place and a lot of them are singles over 50. September is the best season for visiting, owing to the Niagara wine festival.

Branson, Missouri: If you’re looking for a substitute for Las Vegas but feel that you need to visit a place that is more apt according to your age, Branson is the place to head to. Play golf, check out shopping shows, visit Museums, and indulge in some other activities offered by this little musical town. The fact that this place is less crowded makes it an ideal place for senior singles.

Alaska: The best way to visit this part of the United States is by a cruise ship. There are many cruises that travel to the country’s largest state. On your visit to Alaska, you can expect some breathtaking scenery, rugged mountains besides stunning sunsets. For those that seek a greater level of activity, hunting and fishing are worth a try.

Florida: Florida is the best destinations for seniors during the fall. The warm and sunny destination is loaded with great beaches and resorts where visitors can savor on some exquisite sea food. If you happen to be interested in history, then do plan a visit to the oldest European established city – Augustine. In addition, Florida is also considered one of the best retirement destinations in the United States.

Homewood Mountain Resort: Situated by Lake Tahoe, California, this place is an ideal winter destination for people of all age groups. If you’re into sports, skiing and hiking could be a great option. On the other hand, if you wish to spend some time relaxing, consider taking a ferry to Nevada. During the festive seasons, the resorts here also offer discounts to seniors.

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