Is It Fine To Talk About Your Ex During The First Date

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The first date is always a crucial part of the dating process especially if you are into over 50 dating. There is always that pressure to leave a good impression on your date. One perfect way to give a good impression is through worthy conversation. But picking the topic of your conversation can be tricky. You do not know what type of topic will delight or offend your partner when you are into 50 plus dating. One persistent topic between couples would be about their former relationship; however, is it really ideal to talk about your ex during the first date?

Talking About Your Former Relationship during First Date for Over 50 Singles

Divulging too much information during the first date is not suitable. It invites a lot of speculations and doubt about your intention. When you are over 50 singles, it is only natural for you to share your life experiences. And we encourage you to do so, you just have to watch the right timing when sharing these stuff. When sharing information about your former relationship when you are into 50 plus dating, you should think about these possibilities:


When you share information about your ex, you should be aware that there can be three version of it. There is your perception, yours ex perception and the reality. No matter how much you try to tell the reality, your version of the relationship can still be inclined to favor towards you. You should be careful with this one since your over 50 dating partner can see you in a negative way.

Your 50 plus Dating Partner Doesn’t Care

There is also a possibility that your over 50 singles partner just don’t care about your past relationship. Your former relationship is not their past relationship so why will they even bother to listen to your story? In case that you cannot avoid talking about your ex, highly focus on the merit of your conversation other than the emotional side of it.

You may not be over it

Excessively talking about your former relationship in front of your over 50 dating partner may give him the notion that you are still not over on your past relationship, and you are still hoping that there may be a chance that you can fix your situation. This is highly offending in the side of your over 50 singles partner. Be sure that you are aware that you can hurt their feelings in case that you will open the conversation about your past relationship.

Giving a Conclusion

Finally, talking about your ex during your 50 plus dating can give the other party a conclusion about who you are, how you are in a relationship, the common problem that you encounter in a relationship, your personality, and others.

As much as possible, avoid talking about your past relationships during the first day of over 50 dating.

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