Top 5 Mistakes Men Make When Dating Over 50

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So you’re over 50 singles and ready to start dating in your 50s again. Congratulate yourself for being brave enough to put yourself out on the market again. However, don’t forget that things have changed from your dating youth –the dating scene is very different these days. Avoid these top 5 mistakes many men over 50 tend to make and increase your dating success:

1. Create an honest online profile.

Of course you want to make the best impression you can for any potential romantic matches. While you should definitely emphasize your strong points, make sure that you don’t lie. Otherwise, you risk disappointing your date when you do meet, which will start the date on a sour note and also make the woman you’re meeting what else you are lying about. On that note, also make sure to use a recent profile picture. Use a professional photographer if you are not confident enough about a candid photo (although photos showing you out and having fun are always more attractive than posed photos). And it may seem obvious, but don’t choose a sexually suggestive online name unless you are only looking for a brief hookup; women looking for a real relationship will not even click on a profile with a suggestive name.

2. Make an effort to look good.

People aren’t looking for perfection, and most over-50’s know that not everyone is going to have a toned physique or perfect teeth. But make an effort with what you still have to look good. The obvious advice is to shave, brush your teeth and wear clean clothes. Wear clothes you are comfortable in but which also look good. This lets your potential partner know that you are serious about taking care of yourself..

3. Be interesting, but also show interest in your partner.

Yes, a date is a time to talk about your own interests and activities; just make sure you ask questions and are equally interested in what our date has to say. And remember- this is not an interview; don’t be stiff or too formal; focus on having fun.

4. Don’t give up too easily.

Just because the first date doesn’t go very well doesn’t mean there’s not potential. Unless the date is a complete disaster, ask her for another date. Remember – she may have been nervous, too. Give yourselves another chance to see if the spark is there and how you interact when you’re not feeling the “first date jitters”. Telling her you’d like to see her again will also make sure you’re on her mind after the date. To really get to know someone, you should go on at least four or five dates. And if it doesn’t pan out, you’ve racked up some dating experience for the next potential match.

5. Don’t compare.

Odds are, you are dating because you lost a long-term partner to death or divorce. Try not to compare the person you’re dating now to the person you used to be with. Take your ex off the pedestal-they weren’t perfect, just as the person you are dating isn’t perfect. If they are not similar to your past long-term relationship, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing; appreciate their differences and get to know them on their own terms-without the baggage of the past holding you back.

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