What should you be talking about on your first date?

Senior first date

The game of dating does not discriminate people on the basis of their age. Similarly love knows no age and there are no restrictions or inhibitions when it is true love. Though this ‘age no bar’ philosophy is applied very commonly but then 50 plus is a difficult age to get back to dating. There are a lot of apprehensions that singles over 50 faces when it is about going on a date with someone. Dating after 50 can make you feel more nervous than what is acceptable and may also lead your conversation towards a wrong path. Here are a few tips about what you should be talking on your first date to keep things light and smooth.

1. Slow and steady wins the race

It is your first date after a number of years and you are apprehensive about starting a conversation. The idea is to be casual and the approach adapted should be general. You should try to build a friendly conversation by bringing up everyday routine topics. Try to learn about the way the other person like to start his or her day. The conversation should be based on the present since the focus on future turns from the start can lead to abrupt end.

2. Keep things light

Your date might get too emotional while talking about his or her life and past. It is important that you refrain yourself from jumping to conclusions on the first date itself. Let the person get calm or try to comfort the person. You might come across a difficult situation or the things may get awkward but then it is important that you handle things patiently and lightly. You can talk about how good the life is at the moment. Try to learn a bit about person’s interest and hobbies.

3. Bridge the gap

It is crucial to understand the nature of the person in whom you see a potential. This is because you never know why the person is ingle. It is important to open up in the relationship by initiating casual talks. In order to bridge the gap it is essential to make the other person feel that you are genuinely interested. It is also a good time to learn the taste of your partner in almost everything like music, food, movies, books, etc.

It is important that you bear in mind that the first date would lay the foundation of a long term relationship. Furthermore, it would also help in setting up more dates thereby giving you the opportunity to understand each other. Knowing what you should talk about and what you shouldn’t is essential if you wish to boost your chances of landing a celebrity millionaire partner.

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