What kind of men do senior women prefer?

Senior Citizens over 50

It is a well known fact that single senior women that are in 40s and 50s no longer wish to date a man belonging to the same age bracket. Single women over 50 are now looking to spice up their lives by dating a younger man.

50 plus dating has grown in leaps and bounds over the last 15 decades and there are innumerable websites that aim to bring together senior women and younger men for a long term relationship or fun based on individual preferences. Here are a few qualities that senior women look for in a partner while dating after 50.

Age does matter: It goes without saying that 50 plus women seek a younger companion. They're tired of being considered as minnows and wish to get admiration from a younger companion. Dating someone who is significantly younger to them would give them a reason to be younger and more enthusiastic than they are, in order to match up to that level of energy.

A person having a funny bone: As an older woman, she would have experienced heartbreaks, financial crisis and various other events that would have emotionally ruined her. The last thing that she would ever want is a companion that lacks a sense of humor. According to a recent study, couples that have a funny bone find it easier to get through the relationship and fight letter compared to their counterparts.

An attractive physique: Muscular men are a huge turn on according to older women. It not only depicts manliness but also shows that the person is serious about his personal fitness. Furthermore, this would also motivate the woman to take her fitness seriously, something that women seldom consider after breaching the 40 years age barrier.

Confident: Well, this is a characteristic trait that women of all age groups ask for in a companion. According to a recent survey, 93 percent women admitted that confidence is the most desired trait in a man followed by empathy, good physique and financial status. Given the fact that older women aren't desperate to make loads of money, they are usually contented with more subjective qualities.

Younger men that wish to try something out of the box are advised to build the above mentioned traits as it would certainly give you a distinct edge over others. However, this doesn’t mean that older men don’t stand a chance. If you have a decent sense of humor and haven’t lost the charm, you can still join a specialist 50 plus dating site such as SeniorMatch.com and try your luck without making a great deal of effort.

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